Life Stories Cards

Life Stories Cards

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Life Stories is the ultimate card game for creating a closer bond with those around you by sharing stories. With prompts that spark meaningful memories, you'll get to know your conversational partners in new (and deeper) ways. Together, you discover the stories behind people you thought you knew well. Get to know your family, friends, or colleagues even better!

The #1 game for more sharing life stories.


The concept of connected, meaningful conversation is simple, but in the fast-paced, digital world we live in, it's becoming a lost art. Life Stories is designed to get people engaged in more quality time with friends, family, and colleagues. Promote active listening and sharing and create memories and deeper bonds through sharing life stories.


The beautiful thing about Life Stories is that people can talk as much or as little as they like. Some groups are finished after an hour, while others (including us!) have evenings where we've kept the conversation going for hours.

Players get easy prompts to share meaningful moment from their lives. The combinations and possibilities are endless. You will discover stories, moments, and events about people you knew well.

We suggest playing Life Stories in your own way. A couple of great stories will have a positive impact on the group. Unlike many traditional games, winning isn’t the goal with Life Stories. We believe it's more important that you connect with those around through meaningful conversations and experience an increased sense of togetherness!
  • Size: 5″ x 7″ x 1". Easily portable & great for travel
  • 50 memory-jogging cards
  • Cards come in a beautiful box - perfect for gifts

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Engaging deeply

We played the game during a gathering with graduate school classmates. I learned so much about my new friends and felt like our relationship deepened.


It's awesome! My partner and I had a lot of interesting conversations!! On vacation, we used the cards to introduce a new element to our conversation. We learned so much! We've probably recommended it to 20 or 30 other couples since then!


great game to play on vacation or after dinner with loved ones.


I sent this to friends as a gift during COVID. I've played this a lot before and I know how helpful it can be. The gratitude I got was tremendous. They transformed their relationships.


I got this as a gift and played it with my dad. I thought I knew his whole life story before, that I had heard it all. But I learned about a few important moments that he had never metinoned, without these prompts, the stories would just never have come up. He would not have remembered them, or he would not have had a reason to randomly share them.

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I thought I knew my dad pretty well, but after playing this game, I discovered stories I never knew about him. Some stories had just never come up.

Portland, OR

I've played this with new co-workers and with distant relatives, and I discover something new every single time I play. There's nothing like this.

New York, NY

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