Card Games For Deeper Connection

Get Closer

"You need to try this shortcut to better relationships" - Tamara Jay *****


Draw two cards

👥 Each player draws two cards, providing an invitation for a specific memory to emerge. 

Share a memory

☕ Share your story with as much or as little detail as you like.


😊 Smile! Notice how good it feels to you (and others!) when you connect on a deeper level.

Life Stories Cards
Life Stories Cards
Life Stories Cards
Life Stories Cards
Life Stories Cards
Life Stories Cards
Life Stories Cards
Life Stories Cards
Life Stories Cards

Life Stories Cards

Your Go-To Game for Conscious Connection

Think you, your loved ones, and friends have run out of stories to share? Want to spark meaningful conversations but unsure where to start?

Meet your new favorite way to prompt conversations — Life Stories Cards — the easy card game for unlocking new stories and creating deeper bonds.

How To Play

Every box of Life Stories Cards comes with two decks designed to evoke memories that may have been forgotten or untold, until now. Simply draw a card from each deck — Situations + Feelings. Then take turns responding (and listening) to the prompts. 

You’ll discover gems about each other you never knew . . . and turn an afternoon or evening into a highly engaging, unforgettable experience.  

Great for parties, family get-togethers, Girl’s Night, and third-date awkwardness. 

Purchase Life Stories Cards and never be at a loss for words again.

Product Features 

  • Includes two decks of cards (70 cards total)
  • Different prompt pairings per draw for endless combinations
  • A sturdy, full-color box for gifting or travel
  • Recommended for all generations, 2-12 players

Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
Erik Kewos
LOVE these cards

Played with my girlfriend last night. Such a fun game, great convo starters and so many laughs and deep convo.

This isn't a gimmicky conversation starter.

Played this with the in laws. A fun approach to start a conversation with everyone. We loosened up and had a fun Saturday lunch.

This game was a great way to reconnect on date night!

This was purchased for my husband and myself to use on date nights or game nights. We drank a few cocktails and let the talk flow. It was wonderful to sit down and spend uninterrupted time talking about whatever each card lead us to.

Alexandra Roberts

Love this deck, great prompts to encourage intimate conversation as a couple.

James Rodof
Ideal for having a good conversation

I bought it to play with my friends. the cards not only helped us to be open to each other, but helped us to discover important and vulnerable things. we used it on a trip and played nonstop. I strongly recommend it. I got if for my sister.



I think this game is honestly so great. It’s a perfect way to have conversation with friends in a casual way. It’s would be perfect for a girls night. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

Stephanie Delay
New York, NY

What an incredible way to gather! I played with my family, spanning 3 generations. We spent an entire evening playing, laughing and learning new things about each other. It's the perfect gift, and I can't wait to play again soon!

Laine Blumenkof
Greenwich, CT

We played the card game as a family at lunch. It was heartwarming to be in the presence of such vulnerability and warmth. I also was surprised to learn stories that I didn't know from people in my close family that hadn't been shared before; the cards were the push for us to remember and connect to emotions and situations and share them. It created a beautiful moment. Thank you!

Mona Kati
Los Angeles, CA

We played the game during a gathering with graduate school classmates. I learned so much about my new friends and felt like our relationship deepened.

Alex B
Miami, FL

You need to buy these cards. You think you know the people around you, and then you play this and realize that you don't know them at all.

Jessica Tarens
Portland, OR